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2018 Mitsubishi PHEV Technology Spotlight | Beckley, WV
2018 Mitsubishi PHEV Technology Spotlight | Beckley, WV

Technology Spotlight - Mitsubishi PHEV


At the forefront of automobile innovation stands two main technologies: advanced electric vehicle systems that are environmentally-friendly and driver-assist technologies that are moving the auto industry closer to autonomously-driven vehicles. Mitsubishi is a leader within both these categories, and of particular note is the Mitsubishi Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle System, or PHEV System.

The Mitsubishi PHEV System is an advanced electric drivetrain system that combines a capable engine with two electric motors mounted on each the front and rear axle. These two motors smoothly and efficiently supply power to all four of the vehicle’s wheels. The PHEV system features three main drive modes that it automatically moves between, giving you the versatility to meet various driving conditions while also optimizing efficiency:


  • EV Mode: In EV mode, the vehicle runs on all-electric power from the drive battery, making this the perfect mode for the daily commute and while driving at low to medium speeds.

  • Series Hybrid Mode: Once the drive battery starts running low on power, the PHEV System moves to Series Hybrid Mode. In this mode, the gas engine supplies power to the electric motors.

  • Parallel Hybrid Mode: For high-speed driving like driving on the highway, the PHEV System operates in Parallel Hybrid Mode, which is the most efficient mode at high speeds. In this mode, the gasoline engine powers the vehicle.

To charge the drive battery, you can simply plug in your Mitsubishi PHEV. However, this is not the only way to charge your drive battery. The PHEV System uses a Regenerative Mode feature while you drive, employing the electric motors to recharge the drive battery without you having to do anything.

To experience the Mitsubishi Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle System up close and personal, stop into Mountaineer Mitsubishi and test drive the new Outlander PHEV.


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