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Buy vs. Lease

Advantages of Buying

-You own the car and can keep it as long as you want
-There are no mileage restrictions
-You can customize the car as you please
-You get the satisfaction of being a car owner

Disadvantages of Buying

- When it comes time to sell, it can be a hassle
- Large down payments based on your financial situation
- Higher monthly payments depending on financing method
- Responsible for all maintenance and repairs after warrenty period

Advantages of Leasing

- Smaller down payment
-Lower monthly payment based on financing
- New car that comes with the newest features
- Repairs are covered under lease warrenty

Disadvantages of Leasing

- Not being the owner of the vehicle
- Limited mileage with fees for going over that limit
- More expensive if you decide to purchase in the end
- Lease contracts are restricting and often confusing

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