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Different Types of Tires | Beckley, WV

Different Types of Tires | Beckley, WV

Different Types of Tires

When picking out the perfect set of tires for your vehicle, you may not be sure which type is best for you and your lifestyle. Although an ostensibly simple part of your vehicle, tires are central to your vehicle’s overall performance, efficiency, and capability. Here’s a short guide to the different types of tires to help you choose which tires are right for you.

Passenger Vehicle Tires

  • All-Season Tires: All-season tires are the option that best suits a wide variety of drivers. They offer a smooth driving experience, reliable traction in both hot and cold weather, and a respectable tread life. If you’re looking for tires that will meet your general everyday driving needs, all-season tires are a good pick.
  • Touring & Performance Tires: Touring tires generally provide everything that all-season tires do, in addition to more responsive handling. Such handling capabilities will give you more control while traveling at higher speeds. If you want even higher-performing tires that offer great traction in wet-weather conditions, performance tires have higher speed ratings than both all-season or touring tires.

Truck- and SUV–Specific Tires

  • Highway Tires: These tires are built to haul heavy loads in any season, making them perfect for pick-up trucks and SUVs. They offer a long tread life, good traction, and a comfortable overall driving experience.
  • All-Terrain Tires: All-terrain tires have a complex tread pattern and are designed to provide great traction no matter what terrain you’re on. In off-road conditions, they’ll help you feel in control and stable on the terrain; on paved highway roads, they will provide exceptional stability and a comfortable ride.
  • All-Purpose Tires: These tires strike the balance between all-season tires and all-terrain tires. They offer admirable traction and grip while traversing mild off-road terrains and perform well during everyday driving conditions year-round.

Specialty Tires

  • Winter Tires: If you live in a cold climate and frequently see temperatures dip below 45 degrees, you may want to consider investing in some winter tires. Winter tires are made for a wide variety of vehicles and feature heavy grooves to provide superior traction in harsh winter weather conditions and while on slippery roads. These tires should only be used in the wintertime, as hot summer weather and roads quickly wear down these tires.

If you’re still not positive what type of tire is right for you, stop into Mountaineer Mitsubishi and our service experts will get the right rubber on your ride.

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