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Service Indicator Lights | Beckley, WV
Service Indicator Lights
Your vehicle is designed with a system that helps you stay on top of vehicle care. The Vehicle Warning Indicators are many and diverse in order to keep up with all of the various components on your vehicle. The following are some of the more common indicators you may encounter:


Check Engine


The classic Check Engine light has sparked fear in the hearts of millions. But fear not, car owner! A great many issues can illuminate this indicator, most of them minor. Some common causes are worn out spark plugs or worn out oxygen sensor. Sometimes it’s just a loose gas cap so check that first! Otherwise, it’s time to take your vehicle in to see a specialist.

Coolant Temp Warning


If you see this light come on, it may be accompanied by a rising temperature gauge. Either way, you are looking at a potentially serious situation. Engine overheating is not only inconvenient, it can dramatically damage your engine. You may want to pull over and call a tow truck.

Battery Alert


The Battery icon is there to let you know that the charging system has an issue. That means we are not just talking about your battery but your alternator as well. Better get this system checked before you are left stranded somewhere.

Traction Control

This light is there to tell you that your vehicle’s traction control or anti-skid system has turned on. If this light is on, you can usually bet that the road conditions are slippery—be careful.

Tire Pressure

Many newer cars come equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system, making it easy to keep an eye on the condition of your tires. This light is meant to indicate that your system has noticed a tire with low air pressure. Stop off at a gas station to fill your tires to their recommended PSI. If none of them are low, there may be an issue with your sensor.

Washer Fluid

If you spot a light that looks like a windshield with a wiper, you can infer that your washer fluid is low. The next time you stop, pop your hood and top off your washer fluid, which is a particularly important tool to have in the winter.

Fuel Light

Admit it—you’ve let it get to this point. Nearly every driver has tested the boundaries of his or her fuel tank, and how long it can last without a fill-up. Once your fuel light is on, you’re low enough that you need to get gas. And the arrow that’s next to it? That tells you what side the gas tank is on.

Oil Pressure Warning


Loss of oil pressure normally means you are low on oil. Top off your vehicle immediately. But also, have your vehicle inspected. Older cars do have a tendency to burn oil but whether your vehicle is old or new, oil leaks need to be addressed.


Keeping up on vehicle maintenance is extremely important. Not only does it ensure that your vehicle performs well and doesn’t leave you stranded, it also helps to cultivate a favorable resale value. Your vehicle warning indicator system is a tool to help you do just that.

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