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What to Include in Your Vehicle Emergency Kit

Vehicle Emergency Kit
For the most part, driving is a safe and fun activity. However, there is always the chance of an accident occurring on the road, and due to that fact it is important for drivers to be prepared. One of the best ways drivers can prepare for an emergency on the road is by assembling an emergency kit for their vehicle. This kit will help supply drivers and passengers with exactly what they need for an emergency. So what needs to be included in a vehicle emergency kit? The following are some of the essentials.

First-Aid Kit

One kit that you should always have in your emergency kit is a first-aid kit. The priority in case an accident occurs is to make sure that every passenger is safe, and a first-aid kit filled with bandages and other items will do just that.

Flashlights and Spare Batteries

In case you get into an accident at night, it is important to carry some flashlights with you, as well as spare batteries for those flashlights. This will help get around in the dark.

Warm Blanket

Staying warm in the winter is important after an accident. Without your car’s heater, that can be difficult. Pack a warm blanket in your emergency kit to help passengers stay warm.

Rain Poncho

In the same vein as the blanket, a rain poncho can keep you dry if you have an accident in stormy weather. Standing outside in the rain will be much more tolerable when you wear one.


It may be a while before help can arrive to the scene of the accident. Therefore, one of the most important things to do is to stay hydrated. Extra water bottles will help you do just that.

With these items in your emergency kit, you can be prepared for whatever happens on the road.

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